Excerpt From the Second Secret

She blew the dust from the lid and pried it open. Stacks of notebooks lay inside; all school projects. Bronwyn read through each title, disappointed as she reached the bottom. Nothing resembled an old manuscript written by a ten year old. She replaced the lid and shoved the heavy bin aside. The one beneath it read Bronwyn’s stories. She eagerly dug through the manuscripts lifting them from the bins one at a time. Again she reached the bottom without finding anything. She continued her search until all the bins had been opened. Disappointed she paused to think and remembered Barak recounting the part of the story where her parents took Moonshine away and forbid her from continuing. If he was right and her parents had taken the book perhaps her mother had destroyed it. The thought burdened her and she hoped that wasn’t the case. If she couldn’t find it she would be forced to ask her mother what had become of the book and that in itself would be a catastrophe. Defeated she replaced the last bin and turned to leave. It was then she noticed a small metal container resembling a safe deposit box sitting alone in the opposite corner. Her heart seized. This has to be it! As she stooped down and lifted it from its dismal hiding place a small key fell from underneath it disappearing as it slid across the dark floor. By now she was on all fours feeling along the ground until her fingers touched cold brass. Grabbing the key she carefully placed it in the lock and turned. A deafening click echoed across the still room. As she lifted the lid a sudden gust of wind swept through the attic swinging the lone bulb. She startled and looked toward the door thinking someone must have entered and caused the sudden rush of air. However the door was closed. Terror cozied up against her sending a chill through her body. A peculiar sorrow dug at her heart, tears stung her eyes and her attention was unwillingly drawn to the dark porthole. She gazed out into the black sky a vague memory trying to claw its way to the surface. In her mind she saw the waterfall again, and Travis standing in the rushing stream. The vision lasted much longer than before and this time she saw another figure in the distance, approaching fast. Urgency tore into Travis’s expression and the critical nature of it caused her heart to pound even now. A sudden flash of lightning right outside the window brought her attention back to the box cradled in her lap. Lying in its metal hiding place was a beautifully bound notebook. Holes had been carefully punched into an antique looking parchment. Blue silk ribbons were woven through the holes binding the papers to the soft leather cover. The word Moonshine was etched in silver calligraphy. Her hands trembled as she lifted the manuscript from its bed. The heat sensation wrapped around her neck as dozens of memories flashed spontaneously across the screen of her mind. Her stomach churned at the vivid pictures of once forgotten events. Despite the intensity of the heat an icy chill forced a path up her spine while intimidating shadows came alive emerging from the corners and closing in on her weakened state. The air grew thin as a sinister spirit sucked the oxygen from the room. She gasped for her breath yet inhaled scalding wet air. Her head began to spin. Another gust of wind blew across the room as an abandoned floor lamp fell over with a crash. She twirled around to the direction of the fallen lamp and screamed when she saw Falcon standing directly behind her.

“What are you doing in here and why did you sneak up on me like that!” She was so frightened she nearly beat him with the coveted book

“I‘m not to let you out of my sight. Travis‘s orders.”

She hugged the soft book against her body and attempted to control her shaking.

His impish grin soon melted into a reverent spirit as his eyes fell upon the book. His face grew more solemn than she had ever seen it. His eyes went from the book directly to her.

“You found it.”


5 comments on “Excerpt From the Second Secret

  1. kandi says:

    when is the next book due out in the series of moonshine? As cannot find any information at all about it, thanks

  2. Dorinda says:

    Well, it’s a year later…where is the 3rd book?? Can’t find anything about it anywhere…..

  3. j. foshee says:

    I’ve just finished book one and two of the moonshine series, is there a book 3 coming soon?

    • Hi,
      Book three, The Storyteller’s Secret is presently being written, I am hoping to have it out by the end of the year. Thank you for reading!
      Denise Daisy
      you can follow the progress on my author page on facebook, Author Denise Daisy

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